Living Family History

Has your accumulation of electronic memories (pictures, videos, etc.) about to overwhelm you with chaotic maintenance? Are you concerned that your stack of photo albums are at risk of fire, loss, and degradation. If so, the solution is at hand. You can digitize and organize your memories in a structure so they can be shared forever with family members most likely to be interested. This includes narratives, genealogies, pictures, sound tracks, and videos (including really big ones). Currently, if you have a PC/Windows or Mac/OS X computer, you can maintain these memories in an organized and secure way with the Living Family History  (LFH) software suite described on this website.

You will quickly learn to judge where new material belongs and how to put it where you can easily find it and show it in the best way for your computer and the computers of your relatives.

You will be able to make customized deliveries of not just your memories, but those of all the contributors to your family history.

This is called the Living Family History project since it is not something that you do and it’s done. The project becomes alive every time a memorable one-liner comes out of the mouth of your child or whenever a picture or video shows up on your Facebook that you know your great-grandchildren will enjoy seeing.

If you want an overview of LFH,  view a Power Point document about the Living Family History project.

LFH Downloads

All the downloads below are from a server, which is a free and easy way to share files on the internet. However, to access them, you must have at least a free Dropbox account that you can set up for yourself at Dropbox is password protected and you should pick a unique password if you actually store files on Dropbox. If you log into your Dropbox account in advance, the downloads will proceed more easily.

The downloads below contain one java application and three other applications. At this time I am not registered as a known developer so your computer may warn you of the risks of the downloads. In general, you should not download unless you trust the developer. If you wish to confirm the safety of LFH, you may email the developer/webmaster (Virgil Banowetz) at Our address and telephone contact number for voice and text will be provided.

LFH Download the complete/free LFH software

Select the instructions to install LFH from a link below depending on your computer. (Content will appear in a separate tab so it is available for viewing during the installation)
Instructions to LFH setup for OS X (Macintosh) platforms.
Instructions to LFH setup for Windows platforms..
After the setup instructions are viewed, you are ready to
download and save the LFH setup file to your Downloads folder.

LFH Software Upgrades

View the instructions to upgrade your existing LFH software from the link below. (Content will appear in a separate tab so it is available for viewing during the installation)
Instructions to upgrade LFH .
After the upgrade instructions are viewed, you are ready to
download and save the LFH upgrade file to your Downloads folder.

For reference, you may download and use the Editor’s Guide as a .rtf file:  LFH Editor’s Guide.

To learn the LFH editor methodology, you may also download the LFH Editor’s
Training Manual as a .rtf

Feel free to post a comment to request a copy of the software or to let me know how you would like to participate in this project in the Living Family History blog

LFH Survey

If you already have your family history in LFH form on your computer, flash drive, or CD-ROM, your review will be very helpful. Please complete the survey/review of LFH so it can be improved.